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The Continuation Bet in No Limit Hold’em Poker

Posted 28 December 2010 by
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The continuation bet is becoming a very familiar on the poker tables. It is a very effective move may be stemming from its innate simplicity.

AQ A Typical C-Bet Hand on Almost Any FlopA continuation bet is a bet you make if you are a pre-flop raiser. You do a continuation bet even if you did not improve on the cards that you are holding. For example, you have an A-K and then the cards flopped are 4-9-Q, you take advantage of the situation and bet although you did not make a pair or anything.

The strategy of making a continuation bet is very effective since most likely your opponents will not make a pair upon flop in 2 of 3 times. Simply, your opponents will fold their hand every time you make a continuation bet and they didn’t make anything out of the flop.

Basics on the continuation bet

When you do a continuation bet, a good size will be 2/3 or ¾ of the pot. You also need to put into mind the reads of everyone around you.

When you make a 2/3 or ¾ continuation bet then you make a very strong and aggressive impression that you have the best hand on the table. You will scare your opponents so they will fold. Betting more than the pot may be risking much than what is needed when a smaller bet will just have the same consequence.


The Blocking Bet in No Limit Hold’em Poker

Posted 12 October 2010 by
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When you do a blocking bet, you are not in a good position and you want to see a river card or a showdown cheaply. Good use of a blocking bet will result to your opponent not calling a hefty bet that you cannot call. It can also be a big waste of money if used incorrectly.

AJosA blocking bet is a bet that you make which is smaller than the average bet you make. This will somehow reduce the amount of chips you will need to see what card comes out next.

Overview of the blocking bet

Remember that a blocking bet move will only work if you are not in a good position. There are two situations when you use a blocking bet:

  • When you get a drawing hand on play
  • When you have vulnerable cards on the river